After-Sales Services

MEDITERRANEAN PROPERTIES carries out its business responsibly and efficiently, that’s why we prefer not to say good-bye to our clients after the deal is closed, but offer further services that can substantially facilitate the beginning of their new life in Spain.

Free services

On buying the Spanish property you will need to organise the utilities and set up to pay the bills by direct debits to your Spanish bank account. Our staff will take charge of all the arrangements and get your property connected to electricity, water, gas, telephone and Internet lines.

Those property owners who don’t live in Spain permanently may leave our telephone number as their contact number in Spanish utility companies, tax office, etc. Our employees commit to answer the office telephone within the company’s working hours (09:30 – 18:30, Monday to Friday) and immediately inform the owners on any call received in their names.

Our staff will gladly help those clients who are not fluent in Spanish explaining the content of any official letter received at their Spanish address.

Paid services

A good and correctly selected home insurance policy guarantees the coverage of all possible material damages caused to your property by an accident (fire, flood, etc.). Any home insurance includes civil responsibility cover which is especially important for non-residents who cannot look after their property 365 days a year; home insurance is obligatory for mortgage properties. Health insurance, in turn, gives you access to the best private hospitals in Spain.

You can read more about insurance in Spain here.

Price: €50 per person

All Spanish property owners are obliged by law to submit yearly tax returns. The legal procedure of submitting and the amount of the tax on second homes depends on whether the householder has the residential status or not. Our tax advisor will correctly fill in and submit your tax returns in terms fixed by Spanish laws.

Price: €150 per person

During your absence in Spain you still may be receiving important correspondence, such as payment confirmations from utility companies, city hall notifications, letters from the tax-office, migration service, etc. Some of these letters may be urgent or notify the upcoming withdrawals from your bank account. As a rule, the recipient is given from 10 to 30 days to appeal. In order to avoid undesired situations, we recommend non-residents to arrange a redirection of their incoming correspondence to the postal address of our main office in Benidorm. Our employees will control the post and immediately inform you on the receipt of all the official letters addressed to you.

Price: €100 per year

On your request MEDITERRANEAN PROPERTIES may send a driver who will meet you at the airport of Alicante, Valencia, Madrid or Barcelona. The number of passengers and bulky baggage should be accorded in advance.


1 – 4 passengers


     5 – 7 passengers

      (Mercedes Benz V-Class)

         Alicante:   €100 


       Alicante:   €150

        Valencia:   €150


       Valencia:   €200

       Madrid:       €300  


      Madrid:       €600

       Barcelona:   €450


     Barcelona:   €650


Professional cleaners will tidy up the rooms, the terraces and the garden as well as will switch on the electricity and water heater to leave your house warm and with hot water ready to use. Relevant for properties left unoccupied for long periods of time and those owners who visit Spain in late autumn or winter.

Price: €10 per hour

If you or your guests don’t want to spend your last day in Spain cleaning the house, just request this service. Professional cleaners will tidy up the rooms, the terrace and the garden.   

Price: €15 per hour

Wide range of swimming pool and garden maintenance services either during your stay in Spain or while you are absent.

Price: €15 per hour

One of our employees will check the condition of your apartment/ house (balconies, terraces, garden furniture, roof, fence, decoration elements, etc.) within 24 hours after hail, torrential rain or strong wind (more likely to happen in winter).

Price: €35 per checkout